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b. MAY 10, 2014 - 5 Girls, 4 Boys - All Plush

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About the First Lilac/Baer Breeding


Baer of Genesis

April 20, 2012 | black/cream plush


bCH OceanState's Elessar of Imladris HCT1

Sequoia's Sassafrass

PennHip L 0.34 R 0.26, no DJD (#908761)

OFA Normal (# pending)

OFA Normal Cardiologist SLH-CA473/15F/C-VPI

OFA Normal SLH-TH240/15F-VPI


OFA Normal SLH-DM237/22F-NOPI

December 29, 2010 | brown sable plush

29.5" 122.5lbs

irbCanCH Kai-Lyn's Carter of Mt. Airy HCT, TT, CGC, ROM

NSx2 iJr CH Genesis the Envy of Hope CGC

OFA Good SLH-676G35M-VPI

OFA Normal SLH-EL443M35-VPI

tested, results pending

OFA Normal SLH-TH252/35M-VPI


Lilac is a gentle, gorgeous black dual with an incredible playful and loving disposition. She is our protective "angel" who exists to please us. She is a tall girl with tons of spunk and personality. She is a classic Shiloh Shepherd in her structure with incredible floating movement. Her favorite pastime is to run and play ball. There is always someone, furry or human, available to play with her. She lives in Hanover, Maryland along with 5 other Shilohs. She maybe the "baby" but she is always on the alert for danger to her pack (including us of course). She love to be petted and massaged. Someday we may try to teach her to reciprocate!


Baer is a gentle and sensitive soul, who lives with his proud owners in Gaithersburg, Maryland, along with their three children. Ever-vigilant, Baer makes for an imposing figure with a thunderous bark with great intuition. However, for humans and other animals with good intentions, Baer is a calm, patient, and friendly giant. He is immediately accepting of children, and has seemingly limitless patience with them. Baer was the star of his obedience classes, and is always eager to please. He loves rides in the truck, off-leash excursions, and won't miss an opportunity for a good swim. And boy does he attract attention. They make sure to give themselves plenty of extra time when taking him public places, allowing for the inevitable passersby who insist on getting photos with this beautiful boy!


This first pairing was spectacular. The puppies were soft, medium temperaments, fantastic heads, rich pigment, solid structure, nice bone, and fantastic movement. All puppies were plush coated and dark duals as well as dark brown sables. The perfect family pet!

Breeding Pedigree

Baer of Genesis irbCanCH Kai-Lyn\'s Carter Of Mt. Airy HCT, TT, CGC, ROM P,B&Ts New Beginnings-Sierra CGC, ROM Behuter Von Hinterland CD, HT, PT, TC, CGC, RTD Int\'l Am CH Dreamweaver\'s Heineken HT CD CGC/TDI
Hinterland\'s Maxine Von Holt BH CD CDX CGC HT SCHb
Sierra\'s Close Encounter (MAW3) NS abCH Sierra\'s Shadow Walker Of Zion ROM (MAW2)
A Mazing Grace Of Zion CGC
GV NSx2 arbCH Catoctin\'s Shining Star CGC, TDI GV abiCH Freestates Orso Of Windsong CGC, ROM GV abaCh Bionic Black-Smoke Of Zion CGC, ROM
GVx2 abciCH Windsong\'s Katrinka D\'Shiloh OFA, ROM
NSx2 aibCH Catoctin\'s MySkye of Shenandoah Shenandoah\'s The Taz Of Zion CGC, ROM
bChptd Shenandoah Mountain Mya Of Jnk CGC, ROM (MAW3)
NSx2 iJr CH Genesis the Envy of Hope CGC GV NS bCanCH Vision\'s Chain Of Command CGC, TDI, ROM Trillium Artus Zum Soehrewald CGC, ROM* Xandro Imperial
V, BH, AD Quanti Vom Schloss Birkenstein
Vision\'s Iron Maiden Zion\'s Storming Northern-Lion
Shenandoah\'s Call Of The Wild
Genesis Hope bCh Zion\'s Angus Quinn For Cash Hoofprint Orbit*
Jnk\'s Golden Nugget Of Zion
Freestates Gift Of Love To Zion ROM GV abiCH Freestates Orso Of Windsong CGC, ROM
Freestates Storm Of Zion
Pedigree generated by
Sequoia\'s Lilac bCH OceanState\'s Elessar of Imladris HCT1 GVx2 TD GrCanCH abCH Miracle\'s Silver Bullet CGC, OFA, HIC, ROM NS abCH Shenandoah-Mt. Selah\'s Magnum CGC, TDI, ROM abCH Betterway\'s Tribute To Sasquach ROM
Zion\'s Winnie-The-Pooh ROM
NS(X3) abfiCH CJ\'s Sweet Tarantella Of Kuro CGC, TT, OFA, ROM NS abiCH Zion\'s Diablo Cazador ROM
NS abiCH CJ\'s Tawnee Of Lobo CGC, TDI, ROM
bCHptd Miracle\'s OS Girl In Motion GVx5 NSabrnCH Gemini\'s Apollo Rocket CGC, ROM Shenandoah\'s The Taz Of Zion CGC, ROM
NS biCH Gemini\'s Destiny Star
Hilltop-Kuro\'s Sonoran Sunrise CGC, ROM Hilltop\'s Sebastian Tri-Starr
Roaring Rocks Zion Kiva Of BWS
Sequoia\'s Sassafrass TD brCH Hilltop\'s Storm of Barnegat Bay CGC, TDI bChptd Hilltop\'s Ramblin Man Jake CGC GV abCH Hilltop\'s Triton King Of Zion ROM
NS bCH Hilltop\'s Mckayla Of Vic-Mar ROM
NS bCH Hilltop-Oasis Good Time Karly CGC (MAW3) NS abCH Snow\'s A Tribute To Pax-Zion
bCHptd Zion\'s Gretchen Starr ROM
bCH Raid the Winds Sweet Sequoia CGC, TDI Raid The Wind\'s Taylor Made GV bCH Dayspring\'s Timber Of Highlife
Windsong Ever-Wild Of Moriah
bChptd Raid The Wind Four Alarm Chili NS bCH Windsong\'s Midknight Raider ROM
NS bCH Windsong\'s Dance of the Bitasweet
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