Sequoia's Miki

Sequoia's Miki

color: black smooth | b. March 23, 2008

sire: rbCH Catoctin's Peaceable Luke, CGC, TDI

dam: bCH Raid the Wind's Sweet Sequoia, CGC, TDI

hips: OFA Good (prelim)

elbows: Normal, Orthopedic Surgery/Sports Medicine Specialist

heart: OFA Normal, Cardiologist SLH-CA297/18F/C-NOPI

eyes: Normal, Opthamologist

Sequoia's Miki aka Miki is our precious smooth bi-black/cream girl from our 2008 Sequoia/Luke breeding. She is a beloved part of our family, but not part of our breeding program.

Breeding Pedigree

Raid the Winds Sweet
Sequoia Shepherds
Raid the Wind\'s Taylor
Raid The Wind
GV CH Dayspring\'s
Timber of Highlife
Dayspring Shiloh
Trillium Artus Zum
Trillium Hill Shilohs
photo courtesy V. Storey
SG Xandro Imperial BH
V Quanti vom Schloss Birkenstein BH AD zum Sohrewald
  GV CH Shiloh\'s Captain-Caliber Baker Vicky Smith, Vic-Mar
NS CH Shiloh\'s Grand Elizzabeth CD CGC ROM Ellen Grandner, Pine Wood
CH Windsong\'s Ever-Wild of Moriah
Raid The Wind
NS CH Batai\'s Inner Light of Sunstar CGC ROM Kito-Takoula-Simba of Zion
NS CH Sunstar\'s Nikabear of Windsong
Devita\'s Moriah of Windsong ROM NS CH CJ\'s Lobo Amado De Windsong ROM CJ\'s Valley View Farms
NS CH Windsong Sheshesharona of Zion ROM Raid The Wind
CH.ptd. Raid the Wind
Four Alarm Chili
Raid The Wind
NS CH Windsong\'s
Midknight Raider ROM
Raid The Wind
GV CH Bionic Black
Smoke of Zion OFA ROM
Shenandoah Shilohs
CH Shiloh-Kari\'s Steel Saber ROM
GVabciCh Windsong\'s Katrinka D\'Shiloh ROM Raid The Wind Shiloh\'s Wolfin\' Sasquatch ROM Steve Illes
SHiloh\'s Matoaka Pocahontas ROM CJ\'s Valley View Farms
iCH WIndsong\'s Dance of the Bitasweet, ROM
Raid The Wind
NS CH London SHoen Him von Zion OFA Frank & Judy Scrip  
CH.ptd. Windsong\'s Gypsy Dancer of Zion ROM Raid The Wind Full Quiver\'s Anthony Rex
Shiloh\'s Our Tribute to Ursa
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rbCH Catoctin\'s Peacable Luke, CGC aka Luke Catoctin Shilohs P, B&T\'s New Beginnings of Sierra, CGC Behunter Von Hinterland, CD, CGC, HT German Shepherd Dog AmCH Dreamweaver\'s Heineken, CD, CGC, HT  
Glenhenmere\'s Gretchen
Maxine Von Holt, CDX, CD, CGC, HT Captain Max XVII
Goldie XXXVI
Sierra\'s Close Encounter NS abCH Sierra\'s Shadow Walker, ROM, CGC Shiloh\'s Killer Grizz of Zion
Mountain Sheba of Zion
aCH A Mazing Grace of Zion, CGC Pinewood Lazarus Comforth Zion
K-Sura\' Mistie Weather V Zion
GV NS arbCH Catoctin\'s Shining Star CGC, TDI GV NSabCH Freestates Orso of WIndsong GV abCH Bionic Black Smoke of Zion, CGC, ROM Shiloh\'s Wolfin Sasquatch
Shiloh-Kari\'s Steel Saber
2xGV abciCh Windsong\'s Katrika D\'Shiloh ROM Shiloh\'s Wolfin Sasquatch
Shiloh\'s Matoaka Pocahontas
NSbi Catoctin\'s MySkye of Shenandoah, CGC, TPI Shenandoah\'s The Taz of Zion, CGC Pinewood Lazarus Comforth Zion
K-Sura\' Mistie Weather V Zion
CHptd Shenandoah Mountain Mya of JNK, CGC, ROM Bionic Black Smoke of Zion
JNK Foxie Roxie Lady
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